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Epoxy Flooring in Kerikeri

One has to keep in mind the fact that there are several different kinds of flooring out there and a choice has to be made by you over which flooring suits your personal space in every way. Whether.

Waterproofing Systems & Membrane in Kerikeri, NZ

Waterproofing Systems in Kerikeri   We all have experienced the importance of having a fully safeguarded house in times of bad weather. At Bullet Proof Coatings you can find the solution for all of your waterproofing requirements. Be.

Floor Polishing in Kerikeri

At the time of designing and building your home, were you existed to select the colour and pattern for your floors? We’re sure you were. With time, the beautiful new finish of newly polished floors weathers away and.

Benchtop and Countertop in Kerikeri

If you are looking for renovating your granite benchtops in Kerikeri, then Bulletproof Coatings is your ideal place. Our premium iCoat coatings can be very easily applied over existing countertops without the need for removing or re-installing any.


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