At the time of designing and building your home, were you existed to select the colour and pattern for your floors? We’re sure you were. With time, the beautiful new finish of newly polished floors weathers away and it does not look that appealing anymore. However, there is a solution to remedy that old dusty look and get a refreshed new look for your flooring – Floor polishing.

Whether it is about creating a brand new style statement with your newly built polished metal finished floors or about refurbishing the good old work of construction into something dazzling and modern Bulletproof coating has got every resource for a crisp job. And with our budget options, you cannot go wrong.

BUT, why do you need floor polishing?

All kinds of new and old floors, over time, accumulate a lot of dust on them which takes away their beautiful sheen. Also, some kinds of flooring material, like marble, concrete or stone, can develop cracks in them. And all these conditions together can make your floors look dull and dusty.

For these reasons, floors should be polished and hardened to get get rid of the coarse texture and the cracks to create a smooth and even surface which is not only a pleasure to the eyes but is also have velvety comfort to walk on.

Besides everything else, cracked and coarse surfaces are astonishingly hard to clean, whereas a polished, shiny, metallic finished floors are extremely easy to get that dust off. So, when you are not busy scrubbing your old and bumpy floor all day, you can find time to relax.

So if you are looking for the best services for floor polishing in Kerikeri, you have come to the right place. At Bulletproof coatings, our expert team of professionals can take over the task of rejuvenating your floor without you ever moving a finger.

Our speciality, metal illusion floors will give you =r house the perfect mid-century classic yet modern feel which will impress every looker, all in a pocket-friendly budget. So stop waiting and call us for a free quote today!

Floor Cleaning and Polishing Services

Any type of floor can be cleaned and polished to remove the coarse texture and to make it look smooth and visually appealing. Many floor cleaning and polishing services are available in Kerikeri, Northland but not all provide quality services. A professional floor expert can only tell the best solution to clean and polish the floor.

Bullet Proof Coatings provides the best floor polishing in Northland. Our knowledgeable and qualified professionals hold years of experience in cleaning and polishing services. The difference between us and our competitors is that we use high-quality floor cleaning and polishing products because we understand that cheap and inferior quality products would further deteriorate the look and sheen of your floor.

In addition, our floor cleaning and floor polishing services in Kerikeri are within your budget. So now, you do not have to worry about cleaning your floor anymore. Just call us and see your floor shine and sparkle for years.