Waterproofing Systems in Kerikeri


We all have experienced the importance of having a fully safeguarded house in times of bad weather. At Bullet Proof Coatings you can find the solution for all of your waterproofing requirements. Be it your floors, bathrooms or kitchens, every moisture damage-prone area is under the care of experts.

Our specialised waterproof systems are applied to areas of your house in order to get rid of moisture intrusion. Our team of professionals use standard, high-quality applicators to prevent moisture intrusion through all kinds of surfaces.

Our special waterproofing systems for showers are made to work with all kind of tilling in the best way possible. So, do not worry if you have painted walls or tiled walls, we have got the right kind of coating for every material.

And if it is the flooring of your house that needs protection, then, too, we have got the right products for your benefit. Bulletproof coatings carry a wide range of flooring services that can leave your concrete floor looking more beautiful and easier to clean than ever.

So approach us for a free quote anytime and leave everything to our expert hands.

Waterproofing Membrane in Kerikeri, NZ


You do not have to struggle with leaking roofs and mouldy walls during rains anymore. How? With Bulletproof Coating’s Waterproofing Membrane in NZ.

Yes. We, at Bulletproof coatings in Kerikeri, NZ, are a team of professionally trained experts who are experienced to manage every kind of building material and provide the best waterproofing services to our clients.

We understand that waterproofing has become a fundamental requirement of building structures and houses to be able to stand strong against all weather conditions. Not only this, sometimes water damage can even be caused through non-primed parts of the house or through faulty or old fittings of water pipes. So even if you are safe from rainwater, it is very difficult, time-consuming and costly to repair the entire water system of the house. This is why waterproofing your house is a smart decision.

And why worry, when our highly reliable, top-quality waterproofing membranes are there to defend your sweet home against all water dangers and they will never let another drop of water to seep into your house ever again.