There are few things that save your house like tiles do. They do not catch fire, they are non-static and do not get electrically charged due to friction, they are hygienic and easier to clean than many other kinds of building materials. Moreover, ceramic tiles, whether polished or unpolished, foster germs and other bacterias in a much lower percentage than any other kind of building material.

And beside everything else, tiles are one of the most durable building and finishing material with a very low-maintenance and look absolutely gorgeous through the years.

Available in a plethora of designs, shapes, sizes, patterns and material, you can always find something in tiles that fit your style and taste just about perfectly. In fact, with such a versatility of tiles, it is very effective to safely install an underfloor heating system as well.

And at Bulletproof Coatings, the best of Auckland’s tiling services, our diverse collection of tiles can fit in with your style perfectly. With a wide variety to choose from, our expert consultants can help you perfectly well to select the best suiting tile design for your flooring, kitchen or bathroom. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

Floor Tiles in Auckland, NZ


With the best Floor tiles in Auckland, NZ, Bulletproof Coatings is all about creating the new and modern design to complement your beautiful home interiors in the best way possible.

Tiles are gaining popularity of being one of the most versatile building material in terms of designs, patterns, colours, materials, shapes and sizes. In fact it is impossible to not find something that you do not like. And with the right kind of floor tiling, you can get an underfloor heating system installed as well.

With the tile designs at Bulletproof Coatings, you get only the best deal of floor tiles in any kind and material that you like.

Call us up at bulletproof Coatings, and get a consultation for the best suitable tiles for your floors. Our tilling experts are more than happy to answer all your questions and present all the best designs that will look terrific with your home interiors.

Amazing Tiling in Auckland


Are you looking for professional tilers in South Auckland? Because your search has ended with Bulletproof Coatings. Our Services for Amazing Tiling in Auckland has made many clients happy and you could be the next.

Tilling is gaining popularity rapidly all around the world with their unmatched versatility to make a home look beautiful in the most unique ways. Since tiles are available in a plethora of colours, shapes, sizes and patterns, you can select any kind of these building materials to beautify your floor or walls.

And after all, we have a substance which is scratch-resistant, fire-resistant, with a great and appropriate thermal conductivity for the fitting of under-floor heating systems, why choose anything else for your home?

So what are you waiting for? Call us at Bulletproof Coatings and get a free quote today for your homes.